Teens and Technology/Fostering with Technology – Resources

Foster Parent Training & Support Group
Meridian Public Library, June 13, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

Teens and Technology/Fostering with Technology

Thanks to everyone who showed up at last night’s Training and Support Group on Teens and Technology. I’d love for you to leave to review me if you have a few minutes. This helps get this information out to more people on social media.

Following are some links to the resources I talked about, and some other good ones that I didn’t have time to mention.

  1.  Google is Tracking You
  2. Dangers of Snapchat
  3. Sextortion PSA
  4. Porn is not the worst thing on
  5. How to turn on Ask To Buy on Apple devices
  6. How to keep your kids from buying apps on Android Play Store
  7. Cosmo After Dark on Snapchat is porn and there are no parental controls
  8. Update: Snapchat cancels Cosmo After Dark after parent uproar
  9. ICAC Task Force

Here are a few other articles I’ve written about fostering teens:

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