Foster care system grows at rapid rate

foster-care-system-grows-at-rapid-rateThe number of children in the Arkansas foster care system continues to grow at a rapid rate. One organization is raising awareness for the growing need for people to get involved.

“The Call”– a faith-based nonprofit — took to the steps of the capitol in hopes of encouraging others to join them and open their homes to kids that desperately need one.

“We felt the call God pulled us into foster care we didn’t really feel like we had a choice we have room to spare we have spare time to give,” said foster parent Josh Brackett.

Kevin Harper is the author of the upcoming book Foster Parenting Teens, and a foster care speaker, trainer, and mentor with Family Resource & Training Center. His daughter Saty Cornelius just released a book about the experiences of foster teens called More to Me, available on Amazon. Connect with Kevin on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @fosterbetter.



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