Church urges foster care

No child should be without a family — or a community.

That belief is the driving force behind Community Church’s new foster care initiative, The Village, said Amanda Powell, chief operating officer for Community Church.

More than 1,000 children across Hampton Roads are in foster care — and there are many others that agencies are trying to place into the foster care system, said Powell.

Through The Village, Community Church is helping families navigate the cumbersome process of becoming foster parents, according to Dawn Sutherland, the church’s communications director. The Chesapeake church is streamlining the process by bringing multiple social service and foster agencies together at the Jolliff Road church for training and information sessions.

Kevin Harper is the author of the upcoming book Foster Parenting Teens, and a foster care speaker, trainer, and mentor with Family Resource & Training Center. His daughter Saty Cornelius just released a book about the experiences of foster teens called More to Me, available on Amazon. Connect with Kevin on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @fosterbetter.