More To Me, by Saty Cornelius

Please. This is a shameless plug to buy this book by my daughter, Saty Cornelius. Today is book launch day for her young adult fiction novel that is hot off the presses. But whether you’re a young adult, or you foster teens who are about to become young adults, or you are a young adult at heart—or if you just care about the futures of young adults—Buy. This. Book.

Saty is a gifted writer, and she’s poured her heart and soul into the very difficult task of experiencing, hearing, and telling the stories of foster teens. These stories are hard to tell, and not just because they are emotionally difficult. They are hard to tell because of the circumstances and the privacy issues involved. You won’t find many foster kids or youth on the news, because agencies and departments have an obligation to protect the privacy of children and birth parents.

This is all understandable and necessary. But it also means that the stories of foster children, youth, and aged out teens, rarely gets told. Saty’s novel More To Me is a fantastically accurate, compelling, and redemptive story based on real-life experiences, interviews, and research. So please, buy it today, and help tell Bri’s story.

Bri’s story is the story of many foster teens around the world. Help Bri find her voice.

Kevin Harper is the author of the upcoming book Foster Parenting Teens, and a foster care speaker, trainer, and mentor with Family Resource & Training Center. His daughter Saty Cornelius just released a book about the experiences of foster teens called More to Me, available on Amazon. Connect with Kevin on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @fosterbetter.