AL needs more foster parents for 5,000 children in foster care system

Patrick Lee was in the foster care system for 13 years. Source: WBRC video

Patrick Lee was in the foster care system for 13 years. Source: WBRC video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – Five thousand children are currently in the Alabama foster care system.

It’s a startling number to think about as we’re in the midst of national foster care month. It’s a number that doesn’t surprise 24-year-old Patrick Lee.

He spent 13 years in the foster care system, which included two foster families and three group homes.

“The toughest part was being in the group homes because, basically I was under the supervision of staff, you know there wasn’t any kind of parent situation going on. There wasn’t anybody to tell you hey, I love you, stay strong, I’m there for you when you need it. It wasn’t that kind of support,” Lee said.

A representative with the State Department of Human Resources said some children are in group homes because they may require special attention. The homes aren’t supposed to be a permanent situations.

Kevin Harper is the author of the upcoming book Foster Parenting Teens, and a foster care speaker, trainer, and mentor with Family Resource & Training Center. His daughter Saty Cornelius just released a book about the experiences of foster teens called More to Me, available on Amazon. Connect with Kevin on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @fosterbetter.



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